The VEX Victor BB is designed from the ground up for Combat Robotics use. This is based on over 15 years of combat robot experience. VEX's goal was to produce the best performing, most durable, and light weight controller possible.


Basic Design

Up to 12C (50v) battery input
estimated 300A continuous
Size is 3" x 3" x 1.5"
Weight: 1.2 pounds
The entire outside of the product is an aluminum heat sink.
Fully sealed
8 AWG highly flexible wires for power and motor





PWM input. No signal booster needed.
Optional 5v Battery Eliminator Circuit.
Calibrate button
Brake On/Off button

Advanced Features

Connect to a PC using USB to serial cable for advanced features including:
Current limiting On/Off
Set maximum current output with PID current limiting
Set minimum throttle % to start
Battery Eliminator On/Off

Mechanical Drawing User's Manual



    VEX Victor BB High-Voltage Controller - $399      Quantity



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