Larger Gearmotors

The AmpFlow W43-500-G2 heavy-duty gearmotor features a large output shaft suspended in two big 2.5-inch bearings for applications requiring heavy loads.

The 4-inch diameter, 500W motor has a built-in fan for all-day operation.

With a reduction ratio of 15:1, the speed at 24 Volts is 270 RPM.

The motor is available with a 1.5-inch diameter shaft for use with our custom 10-inch pneumatic wheel, or a 3/4-inch diameter shaft that can be used with our solid-rubber 8 or 10-inch wheels and our pneumatic 12.5-inch wheels.

With the 10-inch pneumatic wheel, the top speed is 8 MPH. Mount this motor using the four 1/4-20 threaded mounting holes on the top of the speed reducer, or use the four holes on the underside.

The gearmotor measures 10 inches long (not including shaft) x 10 inches wide x 5 inches high. It weighs 23 pounds.


W43-500-G2 Gearmotor (1.5-inch diameter shaft) - $349 Quantity
W43-500-G2 Gearmotor with 10-inch pneumatic wheel - $398 Quantity
W43-500-SR Gearmotor (3/4-inch diameter shaft) - $349 Quantity
W43-500-SR Gearmotor with 8-inch solid rubber wheel - $391 Quantity
W43-500-SR Gearmotor with 10-inch solid rubber wheel - $398 Quantity
W43-500-SR Gearmotor with 12.5-inch pneumatic wheel - $415 Quantity


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