Standard Motors

Our standard motors are designed to give good performance and great value.

The big G43-500-M motors work great for applications that require sustained power output of up to 500 Watts (0.67 horsepower).

The M30-450 motors have a slightly lower power output (450 W) in a much smaller package.

The smaller M27-150 motors have sustained outputs of 150 Watts (0.20 horsepower). They are available with either a sprocket or pulley.

These motors are ideal for cost-sensitive applications, including robots, motorized scooters, go-karts, and electric bicycles.

We stock three different standard motors, or we can design custom brushed or brushless motors. See our Pancake Motors page for motors with outputs of 250W to 350W, or our High-Performance motors page for higher power.

G43-500-M M27-150 M27-150-P M30-450 Custom
Watts - Continuous 500 150 150 450 Varies
Diameter (in) 4.3 2.7 2.7 3.0 1.4 to 5
Length (in) 5.3 3.9 3.9 4.9 2 to 9
Efficiency 80% 79% 79% 80% Varies
Voltage 241 241 241 241 6 to 90
No-Load RPM @ 24V 3300 3800 3800 3700 Varies
Output Shaft Sprocket Sprocket Pulley Sprocket Custom
Weight (lbs) 9.0 3.0 3.0 4.5 Up to 20
Price $79 $39 $39 $69 Varies
Performance Charts

Sprockets have 11 teeth and are for #25 roller chain. Pulleys have 19 grooves and are for 3mm-pitch timing belts up to 15mm wide.

1 The above specifications are for 24V. The motors can also be used at 12V or 18V. The RPM is proportional to the voltage, so running at 12V will result in half the no-load RPM that is shown above for 24V. The lower voltage also reduces the maximum achievable torque by 50%. The motors have also been tested and used at higher voltages resulting in higher RPM, torque, and power. Shorter duty cycles are recommended for higher voltages to allow the motors time to cool.

Here are our recommendations regarding the selection of a proper reduction ratio.


The motors are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects and fully operational when you receive them. AmpFlow gives no other warranty, either expressed or implied. Warranties are not transferable. In no event shall AmpFlow's liability exceed the buyer's purchase price, nor shall AmpFlow be liable for any indirect or consequential damages.

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